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Buhonero Clandestino is an artist from the Central American land of Panama. He has embarked on a mission to bridge the gaps that exist between Latin America and Asia, two worlds that couldn’t possibly be further apart from one another. LATISIA is a concept and movement that serves as the vehicle by which Buhonero Clandestino brings together artists of Latin and Asian influence to examine and observe where any cultural commonalities exist in an effort to knock down barriers and tie strings to two of Humanity’s most vibrant regions.

Take a listen to Buhonero Clandestino’s new Single Socorro, on Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy’s Spotify Playlist: MiB – Made in Bangkok

WASABI BYTES – Made in Bangkok


Wasabi Bytes is an electronic band headed by the one and only Grahame Wasabi, who over the years has left an indelible mark on the destiny of Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy and that of Bangkok’s underground creative arts scene as a whole. As former owner of the Overground Bar and Café, which served as an incubator for much of Bangkok’s currently flourishing talent, Grahame provided a spring board that enabled many cultural movements within Bangkok (including our own) to gain traction.

Sir Wasabi G brings together a motley crew of musical and personal perspectives that team up in a mashup of 80’s Electronica, Rock, Hip-hop, Techno, and House that all coalesces to make edgy and and heart pumping tracks.

A careful observer might note that Wasabi Bytes is often accompanied by a fellow who goes by the name jnknslry, who bears a striking resemblance to Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy’s own host Leroy Jenkonius iii. Could it be the same??

Be sure to listen to Wasabi Bytes tracks such as Like Games Did, Chaotic, DROP, or Pulling Strings; all available on Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy’s Spotify Playlist: MiB – Made in Bangkok.